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Benefits of Rapé at an energetic and emotional level:

When projected, snuff cleanses our perception, clears the mind and opens the higher energy channels, connecting us with the highest of our being.    By stopping the internal dialogue, the snuff helps to be truly present and see beyond the interpretations, inducing a direct meditative state.

Bashawa: This Ràpe works with intuition, brings mental clarity, connection, brings healing properties to wounds, helps with flu, bronchitis and contains antioxidants.

Cumaru: It is a strong Rapé made with the bark of the tree of the Cumaru plant, which can reach 50 meters in height. Among its predominant medicinal features is clearing the airways and bronchi. In meditation, it improves the entry of air into the lungs which allows you to focus on the breath, your thoughts and energy emanating from your being. Intensity: strong

Jiboia: This Puyanawa blend is made with the ash of Jiboia leaves, a mystical power recognized in this plant to "open the paths". Its long vine shape has been recognized by the scientific community as a conductor of electric currents, which is curiously in line with its sacred use in ancestral indigenous traditions.

Jurema Preta: manifests clairvoyance in what we colloquially call premonition, hunch, sixth sense or inner voice, but which is actually called intuition;  It also helps us relax and fall asleep, guiding us to the immense depth of our thoughts and lucid dreams that a good rest produces. Intensity: medium

Kapayuba This wonderful Rapé is of very high frequency with subtle floral tones and a clear sharpness that pierces the frontal lobes of the head. An excellent Rapé to help in the deep connection to the present.

Mint: The magical properties of mint revitalize the body and mind, while calming the spirit, bringing us to a state of serenity and allowing us to connect with the present and be more aware of what is happening around us. Intensity: Medium – Mild

Rupusuti: is a strong and potent blend of the most reliable herbs and ashes that deliver some of the best results. Using this advanced mix affects its users in different ways. Above all, this Rapé has a strong and vital impact on the heart chakra area. Along with that, it can be seen as a reliable shamanic medicine for the heart and circulatory system as a whole. Intensity: strong

Cumaru – Ajna chakra – "Very True Tree" is called by the Huni Kuin culture, the ancestral inhabitants of the forest. It is characterized by opening up the perception of other dimensions and the astral world. Ideal for inducing a heightened meditative state and establishing a deep connection with Buddhi, "the awakened consciousness."  Strongly healing and liberating;It can cause a deep physical and energetic cleanse in the throat and lungs.

Jurema Preta Rapé also helps us relax and fall asleep, guiding us to the immense depth of our thoughts and lucid dreaming that a good rest produces. It manifests clairvoyance in what we colloquially call a premonition, a hunch, a sixth sense, or an inner voice, but which is actually called intuition.

Rapé Kapayuba for spiritual purposes, it is recommended to follow a specific diet, avoiding salt and sugar. This practice can improve mental clarity and deepen understanding of the teachings of medicine. Immerse yourself in the deep world of Kapayuba Rapé - Spiritual Shawãdawa and embark on a spiritual journey guided by the wisdom of the jungle.


Sananga On a psychological level, it treats fears, anxiety, depression. It calms the mind, providing relaxation and serenity because it frees the brain from burdens and blockages. Cleanse, tidy and align your energy fields. It relaxes the body and relaxes it. Ingredients: Tobacco, Uchucusanga, Chiric sanango and ashes of Lobo sanango and Cacao. Traceability: Tobacco and Amazonian plants from Madre de Dios, Peru.



Prepararse antes, espiritualmente y mentalmente.


Content: 5 grams

Does not include Tepi or applicator

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