Autoaplicador Basico + Polvo Ancestral

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  • Hands Of Mexico Calle 7 sur y 6 sur, "La Veleta" , 77760 Tulum, Q.R.

When projected, R a p e cleanses our perception, clears the mind and opens the higher energy channels, connecting us with the highest of our being.    By stopping the internal dialogue, the snuff helps to be truly present and see beyond the interpretations, inducing a direct meditative state.

  • Bashawa
  • Cumaru. Intensity: strong
  • Jiboia
  • Jurema Intensity: medium
  • Kapayuba 
  • Mint. Intensity: Medium – Mild
  • Rupusuti. Intensity: strong

Kuripe Curipe Basic Autoapplicator

Wood used by healers for protection and to ward off evil spirits.


These pipes/auto applicators are used in a sacred ceremony to administer the sacred powder, by itself.


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